Friday, October 22, 2010

Temples of The Lord

Over the fall break, a few friends and I took a small 2 day trip to visit some of the LDS temples here in Utah. We made our first stop at the Salt Lake City temple, stopped at Jordan River temple that evening, then spent that night with family. We started our journey back south the next day by going first to the Draper Temple, 2nd the Oquirrh Mountain Temple, and then made our last pit stop at the Provo Temple. During these visits, we took as much time as we could doing temple work, as well as simply enjoying the wonderful spirit and comfort the temple grounds offered. It was such a wonderful experience! Spending two days doing the Lord's work gave such an overwhelming spirit and love! It was something I wish every person could feel! It felt like a 2-day mission :)
The temples of the Lord are the closest we can be to Heaven while here on this Earth. I believe we need to take that into account and take advantage of any opportunities we have to go and do the Lord's work. And if time doesn't offer itself, create time to at least visit the temple grounds and give yourself the blessings of the spirit that are there.
I believe that the more we do this, the more we can take on in life. Not that life will necessarily be any less demanding, but we will be stronger to stand through it. The temple grounds can be your place of refuge. There, your heart and mind can be free from distractions of life and will be open to receive messages, understandings, and comforts that you may need at the time. The more we do this, the more 'regular' it can become; staying in tune with the spirit can become as a second nature.

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