Saturday, October 9, 2010


Often times we tend to take simple tasks and make them more complicated than they need to be. My story today is about not following the recipe when making simple chocolate chip cookies.

Every once in a while, it's fun to make some cookies and secretly take them to a few friends. I usually do this with at least one other friend, but tonight It was just me in the kitchen. I pulled out the recipe book, scanned over the ingredients to make sure I knew what I needed, and quickly started putting things together. I put the first tray of cookies in the oven, and left the kitchen for a minute. When I came back, my sister was in tasting the dough and mentioned that it tasted a bit bland. I tasted it--terribly bland!--and realized I'd forgotten to put the sugar in!

Without thinking too much,I put the full 1 1/4 cups of sugar in the remaining dough and mixed it in. ...then after looking at it and tasting it again, I caught another mistake. I'd put too much sugar in for the amount of dough I had. I felt pretty silly by now. I figured though that if I added just the right amount of the other ingredients, things would even out well enough. Well...long story short, it didn't. The 2nd pan of cookies was just as..interesting as the first.

Well, through the rough trial I faced today, I have learned a couple lessons.
One of them is comparing the recipe book the the scriptures. Like the cook book, the scriptures clearly tell us each ingredient that is absolutely necessary to become as perfect as we can be and to come unto Christ. It tells us the commandments and teachings as directions of how we apply the principles and ordinances of the gospel into our lives. If we read carefully and study the book(scriptures) and follow the directions with direct obedience, we will be blessed with the final product of an eternal life back home with our Heavenly Father and Christ.

Now, the second lesson I learned is that when making chocolate chip cookies, if they don't turn out quite right, the trash can is always open for more. ;)

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