Saturday, September 25, 2010

Relief Society Broadcast 2010

Holy Camolie! Tonight's Relief Society broadcast was just amazing!!!There is so much that I feel was directed specifically at me--Visiting Teaching emphasized Big Time! There were constant reminders of how we are children--how I am a daughter of God--and we are all going through this life to prepare for our eternal destination! Sister Beck told us to CARRY ON. Help Build People, prepare for the temple, strengthen homes in zion(everything mentioned in the RS 'theme')

Sister Allred: We all have divine attributes for our general and individual missions. We each are given different gifts and talents and we must strengthen and use them. We must be Steadfast and Immovable--by following God, our Father who is a God of LOVE and loves us more than we could ever imagine! How Wonderful is that?! That no matter where we are in life, comfort, support, understanding, love, and help are right there for us if we just pray. The Christ said, "I will not forget thee...I have engraven thee upon the palms of my hands." As much as Christ loves us, we must love others also. Strengthen and Care for ALL!

And then Barbara Thompson spoke(Man, I love it when she talks!! :) ) She started off with a scripture somewhere in Jude(sorry she didn't say which one) "...and of some have compassion..." Compassion: love, sympathy, kindness, tenderness, charity, ---basically everything that Christ is and does. Seek to love one another. (all of these were emphasizing VT by the way) Strengthen Families! "We are the Lord's hands upon the earth...He is dependant upon us..." We are given callings for a reason. For a purpose in others' lives as well as in our own. We can't just set them aside and say they aren't important!

President Monson was amazing, no doubt! His main question at the beginning was "How do we view others?" He talked about how Charity Never Faileth, and was constantly reminding us to Judge Not others--especially by appearance. One of the "parables" he gave was about a young couple who moved into a new neighborhood. Each morning, while they ate breakfast, the wife looked out the window and would see her neighbor hanging up clothes to dry, and always made a comment to her husband(who sat silent and made no comment back) about how the clothes weren't completely cleaned. One morning, the wife looked out and saw the clothes white, and "clean as clean could be"! She nudged her husband and said "Look how clean they are! I must find out what new product she's using." The husband then looked at the wife and said "It's just the same as before, except now your window's clean."
Anyway, something along those lines teaching to judge not according to appearance--first impressions, etc. "Is your window clean?" and how, despite our own imperfections, we tend to point out those in others. Mother Teresa once said "If you judge people, you have not time to love them." To but pity misfortune is human. To have charity is God like. I was definately blessed greatly and taught by angels tonight! To emphasize it a little more, I'm still crying and have a snuffy nose from the broadcast haha. No lie. :) There is so much we as sisters(and everybody else as well) can learn each and every day! There were several stories and scriptures used tonight that I've heard mulitple times before, but had a new meaning to me tonight. They brought new inspirations of how I can become a better person and most importantly: how I can become more like Christ--closer to our Heavenly Father!

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